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Innocent girl with no shorts gets on a skate board

Video from Nerd Pass
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7667 5 years ago Network: Nerd Pass
Description: There's a lot that goes on in every video we shoot, but as you can see here on this trailer is all about the skate, nailing her pussy, and believe me; this all American girl is not only friendly, adorable and kinky but is well on her way to becoming a cum-swallowing household name. Here I am again with my boy Nacho who holds the camera even at the toughest times - give it up for Nacho. In this video I am searching for my stuff that Corney, now ex-fuck, trashed the night before when she found out my cock is not a one-girl treasure. Her bad. All of a sudden a skate hit my heel and I see this cute chick with a massive camel toe and I immediately tell Nacho to start shooting. I blew the whole thing way out of proportion and there was only one way out of this for her. At the end of the day we were two on one so she played kinda dumb. I broke her off with some dick pounding in her tight little red twat. To be honest, there is nothing I like more than making girls think they have to pay for something they should be paid for! You gotta see her nice pair of perky nips. Do not be fooled by this timid redhead cause she sure knows how to work some cock!
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